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At WP Helper, we leverage our extensive year of SEO experience to develop a robust strategy rooted in the fundamental principles of SEO set forth by Google. We firmly believe that SEO doesn't need to be overly complex or convoluted.

We prioritise transparent SEO strategies that adhere to ethical practices and avoid any shortcuts or dubious tactics.

Avoid the risk of a Google penalty by steering clear of questionable SEO tactics. At WP Helper, our extensive experience in on-page and off-page SEO allows us to assist your business in achieving search success.

SEO doesn’t need to be complex. We begin by conducting a comprehensive SEO audit to evaluate all aspects influencing your site’s current search ranking. Based on the findings, we will craft a tailored SEO strategy to help you reach your desired position.

SEO Services

At WP Helper, we work closely with our sister companies, Fuunction and Contactora, to bring you a full suite of SEO services.

On-Page SEO

As search engine competition intensifies, on-page SEO plays a vital role. To surpass competitors, a strong content strategy is crucial. After conducting an SEO audit, we will assist you in optimising your website's content for optimal performance.

Off-Page SEO

While having a sleeker site than your competitors, it won't yield results if you have no online presence. Off-page SEO involves acquiring referrals from reputable websites through links and mentions, signaling to search engines that your website holds significant influence and credibility in your field.

SEO Audits & Reviews

SEO audits and reviews give you a fresh insight into how you are currently doing, where the site is expected to go and highlight issues on your site. We can spot links that can bring penalties and fix issues on your site before they affect your SEO efforts

Content Creation

Search-optimised content is crucial for organic SEO success. By covering a wide range of topics relevant to your clients, you can establish yourself as an expert in your niche and improve your search engine rankings.

Technical SEO

To enhance your website's visibility to search engines, prioritise factors such as fast load times, proper internal linking, updated metadata, removing dead links and other relevant optimidations. These measures help search engines easily navigate, understand, and index your pages effectively.

Google Penalty Recovery

A Google penalty can be a scary thing if your business relies on your search traffic. The important thing with a search penalty is to act quickly to get it resolved and your site submitted by Google.

Bespoke Fully Managed SEO for highly competitive sectors

Our sister company Lakewood specialises in fully managed SEO services for some of the most competitive sectors

SEO plans that are customised to suit your specific website, industry, and goals. With our SEO services, we not only enhance your search result rankings but also strive to maintain your website’s top position.

Link Building Service Agency

Contactora is our sister company that specialises in building outstanding links. Contactora links bring traffic and unbelievable rankings. Whether you are an agency wanting to outsource part of your SEO work or a website owner who wants to drive traffic and sale from search, Contactora is the perfect place to start.

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