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WordPress powers a good quarter of all websites so it’s not surprising that WordPress can sometimes get a bad rep for spewing out rubbish. The reality is that as a content management system, WordPress doesn’t in its self-represent the frontend of a website. A WordPress website can be designed in any way imaginable, with the only limitation being technology and the imagination of the designer and skill set of the developer.

I have selected 5 of my favourite WordPress Powered Websites, these sites are all unique and represent a range of industries from Hotels to Architects.


The Lincoln Hotel

Made by Shotgun Front

The Lincoln Hotel - Best WordPress Websites
What I love about The Lincoln Hotel website is the use of beautiful imagery, transitions and a seamless UI that makes finding information effortless and enjoyable.

It would be nice to have the booking integrated within the site but apart from that, I think The Lincoln Hotel website is a great example of a user-friendly WordPress website.


Étienne Godiard

Étienne Godiard - Best WordPress Websites

The Étienne Godiard website is a nice example of a creative WordPress site, showing what can be achieved with WordPress and a creative imagination. You may find the site a bit laggy but it may just be my connection or maybe it just seems laggy in Chrome. The site is pretty process intensive with multiple layered parallax effects on most pages, if you have the time to dig into the site you will be impressed further by the portfolio and simplicity of the navigation.


onePULSE Foundation

Made by Findsome & Winmore

OnePULSE Foundation - Best WordPress Websites
This is a website with a great message and intent on spreading hope and unity in the aftermath of the Pulse Nightclub shooting in 2016. The website was incorporated by owners of the Pulse Nightclub to create a sanctuary of hope. The site is a brilliant example of the uses of WordPress and creative design and functional development.


Stellar Works

Stellar Works- Best WordPress Websites
Stellar Works is a stark example of a craft site powered by WordPress with a focus on crativity and abstract design. The user flow through the site can seem unclear at times but the use of micro-interactions and imigery works very well in this case. The masonry product gallery is very clean and easy to navigate.


Off Box Architecture

Made by Creotive

Off Box Architecture - Best WordPress Websites
This is probably one of the most unique examples in this list, I love the analog feel for the Off Box Architecture site. For a site showcasing architecture the ability to broadcast creativity of this company through their own website really shows attention to detail and passion for creative design.

The mobile version of the site is a bit of a let down but the desktop is a good example of a creative WordPress site.

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Founder of WP Helper.
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